2021 Race + Equity + Wellbeing Fall Series

September 14: Moving the Needle and Seismic Shifts: The Frustrating Pace of Cultural Change

2021 Race + Equity + Wellbeing Summer Series

July 13: Energy and Restoration: Finding Strength from Ourselves and Our Community

July 27: We Are The Movement: Strengthening Our Inclusive Community

2021 Race + Equity + Wellbeing Spring Series

March 2: Making Sense of the Chaos of 2020 and Envisioning the Road Ahead

March 16: The Importance of Cultivating Self Awareness

March 30: Was I Just Racist?

April 13: Recognizing and Responding to Racism

April 27: Language Matters

May 11: How to Create Environments Where All Employees Can be Their Full,
Authentic Selves

2020 Race + Equity + Wellbeing Series

August 4: The Impacts of Racism, White Supremacy, and Microaggressions on Wellbeing

August 11: Resiliency + Racial Justice

August 18: Post Traumatic Growth

August 25: How Identity Gives You Strength

September 15: How Does Anti-Blackness Impact All Identities?

  • Webinar (Passcode: +AntiBlack915)

September 29: Race and Racism in Higher Education

October 13: Becoming an Ally and Moving from Allyship to Advocate: Part 1

October 27: Becoming an Ally and Moving From Allyship to Advocate: Part 2

November 10: Effects of the Election on Race and One’s Wellbeing

November 24: Race, Politics, and the Holiday Season

December 8: Gratitude, Giving, and Spirituality in Challenging Times

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