Programs and Training

Dedication of University Funds

In his university memo dated November 16, 2015, Provost Michael Quick announced the creation of a $100,000.00 fund for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Governments to address issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, opportunity, and access at USC. This fund will be evenly divided with $50,000.00 for Undergraduate Student Government and $50,000.00 for Graduate Student Government to use for the Spring semester of 2016. This fund could be spent on programs, events, conferences, research, outreach, service projects, or other opportunities, but Undergraduate and Graduate Student Governments will ultimately have complete autonomy over the use of the fund. Student government leaders will provide a report at the end of the semester detailing how the money was spent, and the report will be accessible at online on this site.  For additional information, please contact Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Life, at Posted December 21, 2015

Residential Education Programs

The 16 USC Building Governments and Residential Student Government have added Social Justice and Inclusion Chairs to their executive boards. These Chairs participate in a weekly seminar which has a curriculum based on diversity, and the Chairs are tasked with facilitating diversity themed programs in the residence halls. With respect to programming, diversity has been a central theme in the new Cardinal & Gold events which are organized by the Office of Residential Education, with four diversity themed Cardinal & Gold events taking place this past fall, and four more scheduled for the upcoming spring semester.  The Office is also implementing a diversity themed Intergroup Dialogue program into the residence halls. The Office of Residential Education is working to bring diversity education to the entirety of the residential population, and will be looking to expand efforts during Orientation and Welcome Week.  For additional information about these efforts, please contact Emily Sandoval, Director of Residential Education, at Posted December 21, 2015.

Student Leaders Diversity Training

The Division of Student Affairs has assembled a core committee of staff to conduct diversity and inclusion training for student leaders of registered student organizations. The committee is tasked with developing workshops and trainings that empower and engage student leaders to create inclusive communities for all members of the Trojan Family. Starting in Spring 2016, all student leaders will have the opportunity to discuss pertinent issues on diversity, identity, inclusion, and creating a culture of care. The format and times of these sessions will be released in early Spring 2016.  For additional information about this training, please contact Jonathan Wang, Assistant Director, Asian Pacific American Student Services, at Posted December 21, 2015.

USC Price School Initiative on Diversity

Dean Jack H. Knott of the USC Price School of Public Policy announces a new school-wide initiative, The Initiative on Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion. Building on the school’s commitment to social justice, the initiative is led by a task force comprised of students, faculty, and staff, and focuses on hiring diverse faculty and staff, student recruitment, fostering a supportive environment, making diversity a key policy issue, and supporting outreach activities that engage in shaping public dialogue and policy.