2021 Minority-Serving Institutions Graduate Recruitment Fair

Note: The first 2021 Minority-Serving Institutions Graduate Recruitment Fair was held on November 6, 2021. Please see below for archived information.

More than 300 colleges and universities in the United States are classified by US Department of Education as “minority serving institutions.” USC’s inaugural Graduate Information Fair aims to introduce our graduate degree opportunities to a broad and diverse student population. In addition to attending sessions to learn about graduate studies, student participants will receive application fee waivers for up to three USC graduate programs for the 2022 admission cycle.

WHAT: Information sessions focused on graduate studies across 11 USC academic schools and units.

WHEN: November 6, 2021


About USC

At USC, we aim higher. USC welcomes everyone and is consistently ranked as one of the most diverse and inclusive institutions of higher learning in the world. We believe in acceptance, enlightenment, and empowerment. We embrace the inclusive spirit and foster a community of diverse viewpoints in order to build a generation of innovators, leaders, visionaries, and creators. This is one of USC’s highest priorities. We aim higher so that we all soar.

“At USC, we fully understand the importance of creating a more diverse and inclusive environment, and the positive impact it has on students, faculty and staff. It’s win-win.” Prof. Miki Turner, Director, MSI Graduate Recruitment Information Sessions

Graduate students at USC earn a premier degree at our College or one of 20 professional schools while learning from world-class faculty and outstanding peers.  Consider USC for the resources you need to become a top scholar or professional and contributor to your community.

Program Schedule

See the emerging details of the programs from all participating schools.

Participating Schools